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Consumer Protections

Lost in the weightier issues we face as a country are the obstacles or annoyances that keep us from our pursuit of happiness. These annoyances, while minor, can have an aggregate negative impact on our health and well-being. No better example of this is Social Media. Social Media innovation has brought us closer to friends from our past and introduced us to new friends. However, it's also created and exacerbated divisions in our Country that have had a caustic effect on our democracy and it's institutions that we've all witnessed. Regulation may not be the most effective answer due to the ever-changing nature of the industry, but by enacting a law to make them publishers, not platforms, we can utilize the check and balances of our current laws.

We must also implement Data Protection Regulation. Robocalls. Spam emails. Endless car warranty calls. Those are all effects of us not securing our personal data rights, adding frustration to our daily pursuits of happiness.