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Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice reform is a crucial component in achieving our goal of equality for all as a nation. We need to look for ways to reduce sentences for non-violent offenders to lower crowding. Reform the indentured servitude for-profit prisons use to make massive profits. These for-profit prisons pay cents on the dollar for labor, both undercutting outside small businesses and creating an incentive for them and others to continue increased incarceration rates. We need to reform policing and redirect funds to social services and other supportive services that can take the burden off Police for situations in which they are not adequately trained. In addition, studies show that the higher education an officer has achieved, the lower their incidence of misconduct. We need to "Re-fund" the Police. Reduce or eliminate dollars spent towards police force militarization and redirect those same dollars towards rewarding officers with higher pay who have achieved 2- and 4-year degrees, attracting and retaining officers who are less likely to endanger lives and make costly errors. Finally, increasing the number of judges and support staff in our courts to drastically reduce timelines to prevent the accused, especially those without the means for bail or representation, languishing in our jail system, serving long sentences before they’ve even been convicted.