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Equity for Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. However, they have had to endure obstacles to their success not created by them, but by the government. They can't compete with the large corporations because of healthcare, benefits, and lower prices. Providing health insurance and 401(k) benefits can be too costly to deliver to their employees, and higher tax rates than their corporate competition mean they can't provide competitive pay and still turn a profit. This hardship means difficulty trying to attract employees during challenging economic times and losing valuable employees during others.

Phasing out the 401(k) tax provision and implementing Social Security Plus (SS+), a voluntary national pension running parallel to Social Security, will put them on equal footing with corporations regarding retirement benefits. By strengthening the Affordable Care Act, healthcare for those working in small businesses will be more affordable and sever the current workplace health insurance requirement. By holding Corporations more accountable for paying their share of taxes, we'll lessen the margin difference between the big and the small. And finally, by implementing the American Profit Sharing Plan (APSP), increases in workers' income will not be shifted onto the Small Business Owner, allowing greater flexibility to those small businesses that may not need full-time workers wholly.