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Education & Childcare

Our country has a moral obligation to our children and their families to set them up for success going into adulthood. This obligation starts at birth with better, more affordable healthcare for women and paid family leave, regardless of gender, to nurture children in their crucial first months. A healthier food chain, increased childcare support, and funded pre-K will provide a solid bedrock in their life's journey.

Substantially increasing teacher pay and reducing class sizes will compensate those teachers who have continued to fight on and convince more college graduates that this is an economically and emotionally feasible profession. Revising the curriculum from 1st through 12th, including trade school options in the high school years, will mean providing an education at graduation that is worthwhile to employers without needing a college degree.

In addition, for those who decide to push on with their academic journey after high school, two free years of community college will lighten the economic burden and lower 4-year costs due to decreased demand.

A healthier, better educated, more stable, and more prepared person entering adulthood will drastically increase their value and drastically reduce their burden on society, leading to an overall improvement of the general welfare of our Country.