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Women's Rights

Despite all the contributions to America by women, they still face equality challenges in their personal and business lives. The Equal Rights Amendment, first passed by Congress in 1972, still has not been enacted almost 50 years later. Women make less money than men due to unfair wage differences in their paychecks and missed time due to their roles as mothers and caregivers. We need legislation to bridge the pay gap and provide mandatory Paid Family Leave (either required for large corporations or government supplemented for small businesses) that won't penalize women and their families for missing time to fulfill that vital role of nurturer for their children in those crucial first months, or as caretaker for sick family members when needed. We also need to enforce and implement laws to make women more secure in their workplace and personal lives. In addition, no discussion about Women's rights can exclude the need for protecting a women's right to control their own body. By promoting and codifying the idea of "Body Liberty," control over one's body that does not infringe on another's rights and freedoms, we can push back on those who would seek to control what women do with their bodies. This concept is already in place against those who would claim that their argument is "Pro-life ." There are no laws in place requiring citizens to give blood, nor laws that require organ donation (alive or dead), which in both cases would save tens of thousands of lives annually.