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Voting Rights

Enacting Voting Rights Legislation is a vital issue that is essential to maintaining our centuries-old democracy. Our democracy is built on "One person, one vote." Yet Republican-dominated state legislatures have continued their 50-plus year assault on Americans' voting rights through unjustifiable voter suppression laws, egregious gerrymandering, and attempts to override election results in their ultimate quest to create their "Illiberal democracy" vision.

Voting Rights legislation would include repealing voter suppression laws, universal and auto-enrollment, a free and universal ID card that can be matched with any proof of address, non-partisan map-making committees, restoring voting rights for those who have served their time, and campaign finance reform that would limit "dark" money that has corrupted our elections. Putting the Country's direction back in the hands of the people is the only way we can maintain and indeed be a democracy.