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Immigration Reform

Since the first settlers from Europe, we have been a nation of immigrants, and each successive wave of immigration has only made our Country stronger. We must find the best way to balance the needs of those who are coming with the needs of those already here. Callous intervention by America's 1980s administrations in the politics of our Central American neighbors and other countries overseas destabilized these countries. Those effects are still felt today. By helping to strengthen and stabilize their economies, we can create a safer and more stable environment, so they never have to make the tough decision to leave their homeland. However, if they make that tough decision, we should do our best to make that transition into our Country less injurious. We need to improve processing times, both for those at the border and those overseas who seek family reunification. In addition, we need to provide a clear path to citizenship for those who come into the Country and their children. Each generation of immigrants brings new effort and new inspiration to power our economy for everyone.